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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down...
Jan 26, 2012 in Web News
Chris Gill returned from Scotland recently to report that in spite of dubious beginnings (see previous post), his picture survey will soon be taken to the next level when it becomes an app for the iPad later this year.  Unfortunately, his newly-acquired church building in Bathgate was also taken to a new level - by a recent windstorm.  Chris continues to have high expectations for both prospects although he secretly hopes the building repair will indefinitely postpone the Annual Haggis Potluck dinner.
Bagging Groceries and Pigeons
Aug 17, 2011 in Web News
Focused on fortifying the family unit, Steve Partlow paid us a visit and told us stories of how piped-in parenting advice in Indonesian grocery stores causes shoppers to linger in the aisles and ultimately bring more than bags of food back to their families.  Motivated by the discussion, SBG insisted on eating lunch immediately after the meeting and made sure Steve's earnest efforts to nurture families were rounded out with a few manly rounds of destroying clay pigeons with shotguns.
Staple Guns Weapon of Choice Here
Aug 02, 2011 in Web News
Helping communities reduce teen violence, STI's and gang activity is the focus of Jim and Carol Wunder's work these days.  During their visit they informed us how the nation of Guatemala is slowly being transformed through special character-building curriculum taught in schools there.  In spite of the inspiring message, they were able to do little to reduce the violence that typically erupts during the Office Depot freebee giveaway events at SBG.
Pounds Hot to Return to India
Jul 17, 2011 in Web News
Before returning to their home in Kolkata, India, this family of six visited West Texas in July during the Great Drought of 2011.  The conversation was win-win as SBG was pleased to learn that their manufacturing business, which frees women from the 'business' they have been trafficked into, was thriving.  In turn, the Pounds were pleased to develop a better appreciation for the weather they experience daily in India.  
Now We See Her, Now We Don't
Mar 07, 2011 in Web News
In spite of all efforts to glue her to her chair, Mallory has officially resigned.  During her tenure at SBG Mallory's career ambitions wandered off from the field of infant to geriatric care.  We believe this is no coincidence and are honored to have been her inspiration.  With Mallory's exit comes Chelsea Young's entrance to the office.  She, like her predecessor, plans to pursue an occupation serving children someday.  Our work has already begun.
From 'Paprika' to 'Kilts' in One Move
Jan 25, 2011 in Web News

Chris Gill, formerly of Hungary, told us he is spending much of his time in his new home in Edinburgh hanging out in city parks, showing pictures to complete strangers and asking them what they are thinking about as they view them.  We advised he should stay in Scotland as people get arrested in the States for doing things like that.  After Chris assured us his pictures were appropriate and his questions had purpose (to help people explore the meaning of life and their role in it), we were more comfortable viewing his Powerpoint presentation.

Overturning a Bedtime Restriction
Sep 14, 2010 in Web News
Cliff Hale's life work is about reaching out to and restoring prisoners.  We were held captive one afternoon by his tales of Storybook Dads, a unique way incarcerated fathers can connect with their children.  While Cliff refused to tell us 'just one more story' we were grateful that he did let us get a drink of water before we returned to our offices.
The Brothers Cut Three New LP's
Jul 01, 2010 in Web News
Today SBG announces the formation of three new companies which will eventually house the majority of our oil and gas interests:  Realeza Del Spear LP (for our royalty interests), Trabajo Del Spear LP (for our working interests), and Tierra Del Spear LP (for our surface interests).  Like feeder rivers empty into a larger body of water, our existing bevy of companies will eventurally pour into these three new companies.  We anticipate this change will not only increase the efficiency of our processes and further secure our assets, but also satisfy our nearly insatiable need to create new companies.  Please bear with us as we dive in to this new adventure and let us know if you have any pressing questions (or discrete referrals).
The Less the Merrier
Jan 25, 2010 in Web News
After participating in an intervention with our accountants and attorneys, SBG is pleased to announce some long-awaited rehabilitation plans.  The good news:  we plan to consolidate companies to reduce the overhead associated with managing so many entities (currently 13 and counting).  The bad news:  In order to do it, we are creating more companies.  While the year ahead looks daunting, we are confident that the streamlined operations and increased letterhead space will have been well worth the effort.  If you have any questions about our consolidation plans and how that might affect doing business with us, please contact us.
Reflections on Leaving Hobbs
Jan 06, 2010 in Web News
SBG announces the closing of our satellite Hobbs office after many decades of activitiy in this small New Mexico community.   In the early 1970's our business was birthed in a tiny powder-blue home office in this city and eventually grew to reside in the largest (OK, the only) office building in Hobbs in the 90's.  While our activities in New Mexico continue to thrive, we will now steward them all from Midland.  As such, we must say farewell to our long-time Hobbs office manager and friend, Peggy Lentz.  Thank you, Peggy, for providing SBG with many years of faithful service, friendship and rum cakes.


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