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Seldomly Asked Questions

SAQ’s are similar in concept to FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) except for their… frequency.  (We don’t get a lot of questions at the Spear Brothers Group so we appreciate your interest in the few we do receive).


What does your company do?

Pumpjack in the sunset Many people claim to invest in oil and gas when they fill up at the pump; however our assertions go beyond that.  We are official oil and gas investors.  What does that mean?  We don’t actually produce anything (other than headaches for our accountant), what we do is help others find and coax oil and gas out of the ground. 

To accomplish this we allow others to drill on mineral leases we own or rent – this is called a “royalty interest.”  We also help fund drilling projects on other people’s leases – this is called a “working interest.”  Finally, we listen politely to cold calls from total strangers who ask us to finance their pet projects;  when the prospect appears particularly dubious we crinkle paper into the phone while losing connection – this is called “feigned interest.” 

Why all the barbed wire?

Barbed wireThe barbed wire in the Spear Brothers Group logo has actual meaning beyond the warm and welcoming symbolism.  In an effort to explore different career options, the teenage Spear Brothers were encouraged to spend their summers building miles of barbed wire fence on their Aunt Winnie and Uncle Tom’s ranch.  After several summers of digging post holes and rolling wire the boys developed a deep appreciation for that line of work and have not been tempted since to return. 

The brothers feel that the summers they spent on the family ranch building fences and performing other ranching duties significantly contributed to their overall education.  Today, when times get tough at work, they look back (fondly) at the summers spent building fence and remember how grateful they are for their family’s guidance in their career choices.


Why do you have so many companies?

Lengthy List of SBG Companies

Our decision to repeatedly incorporate is primarily based upon the old adage “You can never be too rich, too thin or own too many oil and gas companies.” We do have a method behind our obvious madness, but it does require a historical perspective (and perhaps an aspirin) to appreciate. 

As a philosophy, the parents of the Spear Brothers saw wisdom in creating multiple companies to share the risk among ventures. For many years their sons saw wisdom in retaining thousands of dollars by continuing to keep them separate (i.e., the legal and accounting fees required to seam the companies together were thought to outweigh the benefits of consolidating).   As a result, for the first decade of the new century thirteen or so companies operated under the Spear Brothers Group umbrella.

In 2010, a change in the business climate provided us an opportunity to invite three more companies to join the crowd huddled under the umbrella with the intention that someday these three newcomers would be sufficient to contain the entire oil and gas division of Spear Brothers Group.  That hope remains today. 

For more information on the transformation process and its streamlined results, see the company descriptions for the umbrella crashers, RealezaTrabajo and Tierra, or contact us.  It is our goal that someday we will conduct most of our mineral business with only three companies and that this SAQ will be replaced with content of far greater significance.


Other Questions?

Question markDo you have other questions not answered here?  Send them to us and we’ll post the answers here.  (Not too many or we’ll be forced to change the name of this page.)



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