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shane spear

Shane Spear - J.D.

After graduating from Hobbs High, Shane Spear went on to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where he majored in business, minored in geology and also obtained a law degree. He was recruited to West Texas by a Midland law firm where he worked for several years primarily in oil & gas litigation. In 1993 he began working full-time to help build oil & gas interests owned by the family.

Today Shane and his brother, Nelson, manage all companies under the Spear Brothers Group's rather large umbrella. His areas of responsibility include negotiating mineral leases, purchasing and selling federal leases, and assessing drilling opportunities. In addition, he provides legal counsel and promotes prospects in joint ventures with geologists, landmen and other nefarious characters.

Shane may be reached at Shane@SpearBrothersGroup.com.

Nelson Spear

Nelson Spear - J.D.

Nelson Spear began his studies at the New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs, New Mexico. He graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a degree in Political Science, then went on to obtain a law degree from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. After completing his education, Nelson returned to Hobbs to work in the District Attorney’s office where he tried over 70 felony jury trials, managed the family oil and gas businesses and became active politically. In 1999 he was appointed by the governor to serve on the New Mexico Gaming Control Board in Albuquerque where he served as the attorney member. While on the board, one of Nelson's special projects was problem gambling (not too far of a stretch for an oil & gas investor).

For the next several years while serving as an officer and advisor to the Spear Brothers Group, Nelson also completed an assignment with the New Mexico House Appropriations Committee, was an Assistant United States Attorney in Las Cruces and Albuquerque and entered into private practice. Rather than continue to lead a double-life, Nelson moved to Midland, Texas in 2006 to devote his full energies to managing, along with brother Shane, the Spear Brothers Group. As Darth Vader would put it, it... was... his... destiny.

Nelson may be reached at Nelson@SpearBrothersGroup.com.

Rex Spear Photo

Rex Spear - M. D.

Rex Spear left Hobbs, New Mexico (immediately) after high school to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where he majored in English. He went on to medical school at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas and completed his residency in Seattle, Washington. Rex presently works in Bozeman, Montana as a radiologist interpreting nebulous images for hidden meaning (not unlike examining 2-D seismic for potential finds).

Rex has served as an officer and advisor for the companies owned by the Spear brothers in the past and often provided the authorizing signature on company correspondence (in spite of his occupation, Rex has the best handwriting in the family). While he still shares with his brothers stewardship responsibility for one of the companies (Los Cincos Picadores), he officially exited the SBG in the spring of 2006 while the "gettin' was good." He remains on as a Spear brother however, and must continue to bear that stigma for the rest of his life.


Lori Saunders

Lori Saunders - Office Manager

Lori Saunders brought with her a wealth of file management expertise when she arrived in early 2004. Having served as Records Center Supervisor at ConocoPhillips she was already familiar with managing oil & gas data as well as uncovering unusual materials in manila folders and white boxes. Both skill sets helped her excel in overhauling the filing and storage systems of the Spear Brothers Group when she implemented a document imaging system for all company land and well files. Termites, eat our dust.

In 2017 Lori was promoted to Office Manager and immediately took on the task of managing a major office transition while continuing to provide support in information management and land research.  Regardless of her official title and other responsibilities, Lori will always retain the honorary position of SBG Safety Officer (e.g., "Get down off that table before you break your neck.").  Yes ma’am.   

Lori may be reached at Lori@SpearBrothersGroup.com.

Nancy Spear

Nancy Spear - Administration and Event Coordinator

Nancy Spear, wife of Nelson and manager of Bar NND Ranches, moved to Midland from Albuquerque to join the SBG team in 2006 equipped with a Masters in Education and over a decade of experience teaching science to high school students in New Mexico. She educated us in how to have fun at work (inclinations surely derived from her undergrad years at NMSU) by coordinating employee celebrations, Super Bowl pools and other special events such as the annual SBG Poker Tournament. Then, in 2017, Nancy put her life-saving skills to use as well (as she is also a former lifeguard trainer) by taking on a good deal of administrative and document imaging responsibilities during a time of great transition.  She broke good.

Nancy may be reached at Nancy@SpearBrothersGroup.com.

Lurene Spear

Lurene Spear - Special Projects

Benefiting from a generous nepotism policy at Spear Brothers Group, Lurene Spear has been an official employee since late 2003. The wife of Shane, she was initially hired to assist in the transition to a new oil & gas software system and today continues to oversee the website and email systems on a part-time basis. Her decade-long experience with Exxon as a systems analyst has aided her in providing computing support to the Spear Brothers Group as her many years as a stay-at-home mom helped her in organizing the office kitchen.

Lurene may be reached at Lurene@SpearBrothersGroup.com.

Howell Spear Photo

Howell Spear - J.D. (Deceased 2003)

Father of the Spear brothers, Howell Spear received a law degree from the University of New Mexico and practiced law until the 1960’s when he began to pursue a career in oil and gas investment in earnest. He founded many of the companies now owned by the Spear Brothers such as Gulf Coast Oil and Gas.

Thirty lucrative years later, Howell semi-retired (i.e., each deal was his ‘last deal’) and spent much of his time painting landscapes (even in art, he preferred to work in oil). Throughout the remainder of his life, he continued to advise and assist his grateful sons through his vast knowledge of the BLM leasing process, his wide range of industry contacts and his tremendous instincts for oil and gas investing.

Ellie Spear Photo

Ellie Spear (Deceased 1988)

The late mother of the Spear brothers, Ellie was introduced to the oil and gas industry as a member of the Sims/Drinkard family. Her grandparents homesteaded in Eunice, New Mexico in the early 1900’s – an extraordinary era when the acquisition of property often included the mineral rights as well.

After attending Texas Women's University in Denton, Ellie taught school in Hobbs for several years. She officially entered the oil and gas trade in the early 1970’s when she began leasing the mineral interests owned by her family as well as acquiring and selling BLM leases. Through her sound management of inherited minerals and her active pursuit of government leases, she acquired many of the interests now held by Sun-West Oil and Gas. Her sons are indebted to her for her foresight to pursue oil and gas ventures, for her business acumen and for putting up with them for so many years.


Former Associates of Spear Brothers Group

The former associates of SBG:  They may be archived, but they will never be forgotten.


What's Going On With Spear Brothers - The good, the bad, and the ugly

What's Going on with Spear Brothers

I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you draw that

Jan 03, 2020 in Web News

The march to fully automate the oil field has made yet another stop at the Spear Brothers Group. Now, in addition to our systems for accounting and document management we are adding Enverus MineralSoft to the mix - a comprehensive mineral and land management platform. After we have completed onboarding, we are looking forward to experiencing an improved ability to evaluate offers and investments, a new set of tools to manage revenue and a marked drop in the practice of hand-drawing property maps from complex legal descriptions. An overall positive impact is anticipated to the collective psyche of the group; however, long-held emotional ties to coloring grids with highlighters may prove difficult to break. ("Put the markers BACK")

Oh No, They Didn't

Mar 01, 2018 in Web News

Overheard in a recent SBG staff meeting: "What are these two companies you are talking about? I have never heard of them." Reply: "Well, to tell you the truth, we forgot we had them." (Future staff meeting agenda item: "Intervention") #INCADDICTS

Turning Over New Leaves in 2017

Nov 01, 2017 in Web News

Change was certainly in the air at SBG in 2017. Oil prices, staff and responsibilities all fluctuated significantly but have now settled comfortably like wind-blown leaves in autumn often do - and at about the same time. Early in the year, Lori graciously agreed to step into the role of SBG's Office Manager, a position that came with big shoes to fill after the resignation of long-time employee and friend, Cami. Additionally, new administrative responsibilities fluttered into Nancy's role which she thankfully did not choose to sweep away, but rather embrace. So we end this year extremely grateful for the 'pile of leaves' now resting comfortably under the SBG tree. (Incidentally, our Safety Officer strictly prohibits any jumping in it)

Gulf Coast Finally Takes the Plunge

Jan 29, 2016 in Web News

Last, but not least, this month Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company will join a number of our other companies who consolidated their leases into the pool which now holds the majority of our oil and gas interests: Realeza, Trabajo, and Tierra Del Spear. Come on in, Gulf Coast, the water is fine! (considering the plunging price of oil, the water is not only fine, but investing in it may in fact be more profitable)

Austin Suspends "Weird" Reputation for Five Months

Jun 05, 2015 in Web News

SBG welcomes back Nelson, who spent the first five months of 2015 in Austin serving the Texas Legislature (specifically the office of Fort Worth State Senator, Konni Burton). While there, he played a key role in the crafting and passage of a bill that would greatly reduce the amount of superfluous paperwork Texas teachers are currently drowning in (yes, you heard right, it is an attorney-initiated measure to reduce paperwork).  He also helped to craft and pass several resolutions including one that encourages the soon-to-be-relocating US Africa Command to make their new home here in the Lone Star State (miles and miles of land currently available because... well, it is Texas).  Now, with the long days of wrestling politicians and traffic behind him, Nelson returns to Midland, glad for the experience and ready to rejoin the normal, serene work environment at SBG.  Welcome back, Soldier.

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