Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company

President - Shane Spear
Secretary/Treasurer - Nelson Spear
Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company once held lease inventories of more than one million acres ranging from the Alaskan North Slope to (not ironically) the Gulf Coast of the United States. Now all holdings from this company have been incorporated into the three main companies which comprise the oil and gas division of Spear Brothers Group.
Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company was formed by Howell Spear in the early 1970's and incorporated in 1980. The company's activities in the early years centered around the buying and selling of oil and gas leases from the United States government (Bureau of Land Management) as well as several state governments.  Other activity included promoting and participating in wildcat ventures and drilling deals.
In 2016, Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company followed the lead of several other SBG companies who consolidated in 2010 to increase our efficiency and further secure our assets.  All leases from GC have now been assigned to Trabajo Del Spear (working interest) and Realeza Del Spear (royalty interest) thus relegating any remaining Gulf Coast activity to wistful hopes of vacations on the beaches of Pensacola (which Howell once fondly nicknamed "Monahans on the Gulf").    

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What's Going On With Spear Brothers - The good, the bad, and the ugly

What's Going on with Spear Brothers

Gulf Coast Finally Takes the Plunge

Jan 29, 2016 in Web News

Last, but not least, this month Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company will join a number of our other companies who consolidated their leases into the pool which now holds the majority of our oil and gas interests: Realeza, Trabajo, and Tierra Del Spear. Come on in, Gulf Coast, the water is fine! (considering the plunging price of oil, the water is not only fine, but investing in it may in fact be more profitable)

Austin Suspends "Weird" Reputation for Five Months

Jun 05, 2015 in Web News

SBG welcomes back Nelson, who spent the first five months of 2015 in Austin serving the Texas Legislature (specifically the office of Fort Worth State Senator, Konni Burton). While there, he played a key role in the crafting and passage of a bill that would greatly reduce the amount of superfluous paperwork Texas teachers are currently drowning in (yes, you heard right, it is an attorney-initiated measure to reduce paperwork).  He also helped to craft and pass several resolutions including one that encourages the soon-to-be-relocating US Africa Command to make their new home here in the Lone Star State (miles and miles of land currently available because... well, it is Texas).  Now, with the long days of wrestling politicians and traffic behind him, Nelson returns to Midland, glad for the experience and ready to rejoin the normal, serene work environment at SBG.  Welcome back, Soldier.

Apocalypse When?

Jul 28, 2014 in Web News

When a newsletter from Faith Comes by Hearing arrived this month with a story about the "End of the Spear," it captured, not surprisingly, our immediate attention. Upon further reading (fortunately, the article included pictures), we were relieved to discover the reference was to a compelling movie about the Waorani people of Ecuador, and not the code name for an assassination plot against the Spear brothers. According to the article, when FCBH provided the Waorani's their first audio bible this summer they were greeted with a reception far more pleasant than the one received by a group of Americans that visited them in 1956 (all deceased, 1956). Greatly heartened to know the full explanation, SBG recently greeted Ken Edwards of FCBH with a likewise pleasant reception, even allowing him full access to a set of sharp silverware at lunch. (Any push to accelerate finalization of SBG's Disaster Recovery Plan would be purely coincidental at this time.)

That Ain't No Bull... anymore

Nov 12, 2013 in Web News

What do rifles, fishing rods and castrations all have in common?  While a valid first guess would be that they all represent fragments of Shane and Nelson's collective childhood memories, they are also part of the boy-to-man experience at a unique camp in Snyder, Texas called "Ranch at the Crossroad."  Over lunch today we learned that young men hand-picked by coaches at the local high school spend a week each summer at this camp, wrestling with all of these activities (plus a steer or two) while building character traits like respect and honor.  Sensing an imminent enrollment request, ranch director, Dave Bilderback, quickly directed us to one of his YouTube inspirational videos instead.

Yea, Though I Walk Down the Hallway

Nov 04, 2012 in Web News

SBG welcomes pastors and staff from Mid-Cities Community Church who will be occupying empty office space on our floor while space of their own is being arranged.  Although the senior pastor claims that this temporary residency is intended to assist Mid-Cities in maintaining church operations during their office transition, we have to wonder if the antics of the Spear brothers have finally reached a level commensurate with the necessity of constant spiritual supervision.

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