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Staple Guns Weapon of Choice Here
Aug 02, 2011 in Web News
Helping communities reduce teen violence, STI's and gang activity is the focus of Jim and Carol Wunder's work these days.  During their visit they informed us how the nation of Guatemala is slowly being transformed through special character-building curriculum taught in schools there.  In spite of the inspiring message, they were able to do little to reduce the violence that typically erupts during the Office Depot freebee giveaway events at SBG.
Pounds Hot to Return to India
Jul 17, 2011 in Web News
Before returning to their home in Kolkata, India, this family of six visited West Texas in July during the Great Drought of 2011.  The conversation was win-win as SBG was pleased to learn that their manufacturing business, which frees women from the 'business' they have been trafficked into, was thriving.  In turn, the Pounds were pleased to develop a better appreciation for the weather they experience daily in India.  
Now We See Her, Now We Don't
Mar 07, 2011 in Web News
In spite of all efforts to glue her to her chair, Mallory has officially resigned.  During her tenure at SBG Mallory's career ambitions wandered off from the field of infant to geriatric care.  We believe this is no coincidence and are honored to have been her inspiration.  With Mallory's exit comes Chelsea Young's entrance to the office.  She, like her predecessor, plans to pursue an occupation serving children someday.  Our work has already begun.
From 'Paprika' to 'Kilts' in One Move
Jan 25, 2011 in Web News

Chris Gill, formerly of Hungary, told us he is spending much of his time in his new home in Edinburgh hanging out in city parks, showing pictures to complete strangers and asking them what they are thinking about as they view them.  We advised he should stay in Scotland as people get arrested in the States for doing things like that.  After Chris assured us his pictures were appropriate and his questions had purpose (to help people explore the meaning of life and their role in it), we were more comfortable viewing his Powerpoint presentation.

Overturning a Bedtime Restriction
Sep 14, 2010 in Web News
Cliff Hale's life work is about reaching out to and restoring prisoners.  We were held captive one afternoon by his tales of Storybook Dads, a unique way incarcerated fathers can connect with their children.  While Cliff refused to tell us 'just one more story' we were grateful that he did let us get a drink of water before we returned to our offices.
The Brothers Cut Three New LP's
Jul 01, 2010 in Web News
Today SBG announces the formation of three new companies which will eventually house the majority of our oil and gas interests:  Realeza Del Spear LP (for our royalty interests), Trabajo Del Spear LP (for our working interests), and Tierra Del Spear LP (for our surface interests).  Like feeder rivers empty into a larger body of water, our existing bevy of companies will eventurally pour into these three new companies.  We anticipate this change will not only increase the efficiency of our processes and further secure our assets, but also satisfy our nearly insatiable need to create new companies.  Please bear with us as we dive in to this new adventure and let us know if you have any pressing questions (or discrete referrals).
The Less the Merrier
Jan 25, 2010 in Web News
After participating in an intervention with our accountants and attorneys, SBG is pleased to announce some long-awaited rehabilitation plans.  The good news:  we plan to consolidate companies to reduce the overhead associated with managing so many entities (currently 13 and counting).  The bad news:  In order to do it, we are creating more companies.  While the year ahead looks daunting, we are confident that the streamlined operations and increased letterhead space will have been well worth the effort.  If you have any questions about our consolidation plans and how that might affect doing business with us, please contact us.
Reflections on Leaving Hobbs
Jan 06, 2010 in Web News
SBG announces the closing of our satellite Hobbs office after many decades of activitiy in this small New Mexico community.   In the early 1970's our business was birthed in a tiny powder-blue home office in this city and eventually grew to reside in the largest (OK, the only) office building in Hobbs in the 90's.  While our activities in New Mexico continue to thrive, we will now steward them all from Midland.  As such, we must say farewell to our long-time Hobbs office manager and friend, Peggy Lentz.  Thank you, Peggy, for providing SBG with many years of faithful service, friendship and rum cakes.
All that Glitters We Hope is Gold
Oct 10, 2009 in Web News
After a two-week trip to Nevada, Shane and Nelson have returned exhausted, bearing torn clothing and toting shiny rocks.  While this may be typical for anyone's stay in Nevada, these two gained their plunder hiking through hills and ravines staking gold claims.  To commemorate this endeavor, we created a new company (with a nod to John Wayne):  Hondo Mining Company, jointly owned with their fellow prospectors, businessman Scott Barthel and hard-rock geologist Ray Wittkopp.  As we embark on our venture in gold mining, we will attempt to keep in mind Howell Spear's sage advice, "You know, you can make a small fortune in Nevada.  First you start with a large fortune..."
Is There a Breeze in Here?
Aug 26, 2009 in Web News
Since Mallory White opted to attend nursing school full-time and was completely unwilling to work the graveyard shift for us, she is sadly exiting SBG.  We of course wish her the best and hope to meet her again, but not in a professional capacity.  Also, best wishes to Natalie Tiller whose talents in interior design were unable to be fully utilized while working in an oil and gas business regardless of the myriad opportunities available to color our lease maps.  We welcome Allison Westfall to the group to help fill in the holes and to shut the door.

What's Going On With Spear Brothers - The good, the bad, and the ugly

What's Going on with Spear Brothers

Oh No, They Didn't

Mar 01, 2018 in Web News

Overheard in a recent SBG staff meeting: "What are these two companies you are talking about? I have never heard of them." Reply: "Well, to tell you the truth, we forgot we had them." (Future staff meeting agenda item: "Intervention") #INCADDICTS

Turning Over New Leaves in 2017

Nov 01, 2017 in Web News

Change was certainly in the air at SBG in 2017. Oil prices, staff and responsibilities all fluctuated significantly but have now settled comfortably like wind-blown leaves in autumn often do - and at about the same time. Early in the year, Lori graciously agreed to step into the role of SBG's Office Manager, a position that came with big shoes to fill after the resignation of long-time employee and friend, Cami. Additionally, new administrative responsibilities fluttered into Nancy's role which she thankfully did not choose to sweep away, but rather embrace. So we end this year extremely grateful for the 'pile of leaves' now resting comfortably under the SBG tree. (Incidentally, our Safety Officer strictly prohibits any jumping in it)

Gulf Coast Finally Takes the Plunge

Jan 29, 2016 in Web News

Last, but not least, this month Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company will join a number of our other companies who consolidated their leases into the pool which now holds the majority of our oil and gas interests: Realeza, Trabajo, and Tierra Del Spear. Come on in, Gulf Coast, the water is fine! (considering the plunging price of oil, the water is not only fine, but investing in it may in fact be more profitable)

Austin Suspends "Weird" Reputation for Five Months

Jun 05, 2015 in Web News

SBG welcomes back Nelson, who spent the first five months of 2015 in Austin serving the Texas Legislature (specifically the office of Fort Worth State Senator, Konni Burton). While there, he played a key role in the crafting and passage of a bill that would greatly reduce the amount of superfluous paperwork Texas teachers are currently drowning in (yes, you heard right, it is an attorney-initiated measure to reduce paperwork).  He also helped to craft and pass several resolutions including one that encourages the soon-to-be-relocating US Africa Command to make their new home here in the Lone Star State (miles and miles of land currently available because... well, it is Texas).  Now, with the long days of wrestling politicians and traffic behind him, Nelson returns to Midland, glad for the experience and ready to rejoin the normal, serene work environment at SBG.  Welcome back, Soldier.

Apocalypse When?

Jul 28, 2014 in Web News

When a newsletter from Faith Comes by Hearing arrived this month with a story about the "End of the Spear," it captured, not surprisingly, our immediate attention. Upon further reading (fortunately, the article included pictures), we were relieved to discover the reference was to a compelling movie about the Waorani people of Ecuador, and not the code name for an assassination plot against the Spear brothers. According to the article, when FCBH provided the Waorani's their first audio bible this summer they were greeted with a reception far more pleasant than the one received by a group of Americans that visited them in 1956 (all deceased, 1956). Greatly heartened to know the full explanation, SBG recently greeted Ken Edwards of FCBH with a likewise pleasant reception, even allowing him full access to a set of sharp silverware at lunch. (Any push to accelerate finalization of SBG's Disaster Recovery Plan would be purely coincidental at this time.)

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